28 Weird and Somewhat Funny Urinals Around The World

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As Wikipedia clearly states, a urinal is a specialized toilet for urinating into generally used by males. It has the form of a container or simply a wall, with drainage and automatic or manual flushing. The different types of urinal, for single or multiple users in trough style designs, are intended to be utilised from a standing position.

After a beer talk with some friends about the miraculously act of discharging the urine I decided to search the internet for funny, wierd or strange urinals. This is what I came up with:

Please note that this post in not supposed to be complete so please be free to post links to other funny or weird urinals images you’ve taken or seen in the comments to this post.

1. Urinals at Namsan Seoul Tower men’s bathroom

2. Mike Dierks – The fancy urinals in the Men’s room at Seoul Tower

3. Public washroom urinals in Prague

4. Christopher Kirk – The urinals in the bathroom of the restaurant/bar La Jugueteria, in La Macarena district of Bogota, Colombia

5. Ken Dreiling – The Main Men’s Room at the Kohler Art Museum aparently voted Best Restroom in the World

6. Gargolye Urinal at Sandbar, Leeds

7. Urinals in Bratislava

8. Max Conrad – Bucket urinals

9. Jake Setlak – Fire-bucket urinals in London

10. Jerry Whiting – Keg urinal at Diamond Knot Brewery, Mukilteo WA

11. Greg Hewgill – Keg Urinals in the Monteiths brewery in Greymouth

12. Chris Beckett – Thai girls watching the urinals, Bangkok Airport

13. Virgin Mary Urinals

14. The urinals in the mens toilets of the Revolving Restaurant (Sydney Tower Restaurant) atop of Centrepoint Tower in Sydney. I wonder how do they keep the mirrors so clean…

15. Men’s restroom in the shopping centre in Weiterstadt, Germany

16. Brian Rosen – Princeton Campus Club urinals

17. Motorcycle Urinals Hal and Mal’s men’s bathroom in Jackson, Mississippi

18. Public lavatory decorated with female mannequins at Sao Joao da Madeira shopping center in northern Portugal

19. TV urinals for sports fans

20. Plasma TV urinals Middle Brighton Baths in Melbourne, Australia

21. Clark Sorensen – Nature Calls

22. Clark Sorensen – Nature Calls

23. Unusual urinals at a pub in Freiburg, Germany

24. Urinals at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport

25. The gents’ room in the Malthouse, Wellington, New Zealand

26. urinals with a view

27. urinals with a view High atop the JR Sapporo Station Tower, Japan

28. urinals with a view in Riga

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